The book of abstracts can be downloaded here:  book_of_abstract 26_07_2022

Plenary Speakers:

Silvano Donati  University of Pavia, Italy

Complexity at Increasing Levels of Feedback in Diode Laser

Jean-Marc Ginoux  Center for Theoretical Physics, CNRS, Université de Toulon, France

Minimal Universal Model for Chaos and Generalized Multistability in a Laser

Cecilia Laschi   National University of Singapore, Singapore

Soft robotics: from bioinspired principles to model-informed design

Alessandro Torcini  Cergy Paris Université, Cergy-Pontoise, France and Istitute of Complex Systems, CNR, Italy

Next Generation Neural Mass Models

COMPENG 2022 will host the following Special Sessions/Minisymposia

Neuromorphic Photonics   

Chairs: B. Romeira, A. Hurtado


Chairs: S. Nasuto, D. Soriano, C. Sweeney-Reed

Remote Monitoring  

Chairs:  M. Locatelli, R. Meucci, E. Pugliese

Engineering Algorithms in Complex Systems  

Chairs: I. Zelinka, J. Plucar, L. Skanderová, A. Adamatzky, N. V. Kuznetsov

A detailed programme can be downloaded here: COMPENG 2022 Scientific-programme-web

On July 20 (afternoon) COMPENG will also host the


on “Nonlinear Dynamics in Optics: Present and New Perspectives “.

The purpose of the workshop is to highlight current trends of research and future perspectives in this field.
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